The Art of Exploitation


In the computer security context, a hacker is someone who seeks or exploits a computer system or computer network. They may be motivated by different reasons such as protest, profit, challenge, or enjoyment (Wikipedia). When we hear the term “hacker” adjectives such as evil, devious, manipulative would come to mind leaving a not so good impression about them to most people nowadays.

But come to think of it, hackers might actually become a powerful strategy that one can use to secure computer systems. Given that these hackers would have to stick to the word “ethical”. By ethical I mean, that they were actually given the authority to break into a computer system without malicious intent but only with the aim of discovering vulnerabilities in order to bring about improved protection. So to those who only seek challenge or enjoyment as their reason for hacking they can actually put this skills into good use and earn profit in a “righteous way”. There are companies who intentionally hire hackers to penetrate their system and test if it has a weak point. A win-win situation on both sides.


Yes. No. Maybe?

  Peanut butter tumblr_m0jsdyyqoq1qhcxmmor cheese? White or Black? Shorts or          Pants? In  life, we make countless and tons of decision. Some are thoroughly thought of, others we make unconsciously. In a world where technology progresses in a rapid pace, big changes are coming into the labor market. The development of decision making software bring about new issues to tackle and new adjustments to make. But will it really diminish the demand for college educated workers? Some believe that yes, it will but to low skill low wage jobs only and not to those jobs dominated by highly educated persons that require making decisions since these software doesn’t have the skill of imagination, creativity, emotions, and experience to make choices that will lead to greater well-being. But some argue that machines and computers are really advancing in capability and will increasingly invade the realm of the highly educated. Machines are fast approaching humans in terms of mental labor capacity and not just physical labor capacity. Economics thought me one thing, that is no jobs means no pay cheques, no pay cheque means less consumption. So a decline in consumption will cause sales to decline and will lead to declining investments and declining innovation. Therefore a decline in the size of workforce will bring ruin to both ordinary consumers and mass marketing. 

Fast Forward

The World Wide Web has been around for two decades and broadband internet has evolved considerably. It has brought progress and comfort to mankind. One of the most enjoyed comfort is probably the online streaming of movies to subscribers at home, a service provided by Netflix.

Given time (like 40 or 50 years from now) and high speed broadband connection to households there might come a point where everything we thought impossible can be accomplished. Some of the things that are likely to happen are:

future-ahead   > Shower heads will automatically adjust their height, water flow and temperature depending on who’s using them

   >  Going into the doctor for a checkup will no longer be necessary. You’ll simply run a scanner over your body, and the results will be forwarded to a health network.

    > Also, say goodbye to grocery shopping! refrigerators will be seamlessly integrated with online supermarket , so a new tub of ice cream will be on its way to your door before you even finish the last one.

> Self driving cars will be mainstream.

> Online chatting with aliens (500 years from now) HAHAHA.

There are countless of well, crazy ideas  and possibilities one can think. Let’s not limit ourselves. 


Open source software, to proliferate or disappear?

In todays time, there ain’t no such thing as free lunch… and if there is, well that one might just be Open Source Software. Open source software or OSS is a computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose (Wikipedia). So open source basically means that people from all over the world (can) help create programs or even an operating system for the public. Open Office, the internet browser Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia, the Linux operating system and its derivative Android, an operating system for mobile device are just some of the widely used open source system today. Open source software is generally free, meaning that it had helped countless of consumers and businesses all over the globe save money. In OSS, users are considered as  co-developers, suggesting ways to improve it. Since OSS is open for modification and enhancement we can say that OSS is continually evolving which can provide better quality making it more secure and less prone to bugs.  Now, will open source system proliferate or will it disappear? You probably know my answer to that. Just because you pay for it, doesn’t mean it’s better.


Heads or Tails?

Every week, dozens of newly invented/developed gadget are being introduced in the market. The recent release of Iphone 6, iphone 6 plus and iphone watch by apple created a buzz in different countries around the world and even to countries like Philippines which the said gadgets haven”t even penetrated yet.. But can we say that the hefty amount of hard-earned money we spent on buying these product really worth it? Do these products really make life easy? Comfortable? I would say that certain circumstances can affect our point of view regarding a useful device. Some students may settle to a certain device in which can help them accomplish their school tasks faster and easier ( an ipad which contains a pdf file of their book is much easier to carry and even less expensive to acquire than a hard copy one). An entrepreneur may prefer a laptop over an ipad due to its greater storage capacity. A working student might choose a device which contains an android operating system because it is much cheaper to operate and use than an Ios. Or some sadly, just for the sake of bragging. Whatever our reasons are, we shouldn’t forget that our device must be durable, innovative, user-friendly and if possible earth-friendly because choosing a useful device isn’t merely a game of heads or tails, choose to be wise.



Istillo Ni Camilla Gwapa

original_436937_mlbAsXQUr4hP7WtOoig9Ne7PEI had a strange dream last night. I dreamt that I was transported 5 years after and was able to observe a very unusual but famous factory of clothes known as ISTILO NI CAMILLA GWAPA. You would probably wonder what made it so unusual? No. it’s not just because of its awesome name (wink wink) but because of how things worked. From a blouse, pants, shorts to formal wears name it they can work magic on it. A customer can now order and customize his/her own clothes in the convenience of his home. He/She can just order and send his/her own design (mix and match kind where the different color, accessories and textures of the cloth is fixed and given) using an application that can be downloaded but a customer needs to make a customer i.d and password with credit card informations. The order form would automatically be received by the system of Istilo Ni Camilla Gwapa and the information (order form) would serve as fuel for the machines to start making the desired clothing. As for the supply there is a robotic scanner named “roboscan” who monitors if the stocks are to be immediately ordered and would then send a signal to the supplier for the delivery. When the delivery is made roboscan will check if the items matched the orders and would then send a signal to the bank account (where the payments of the customer were also received) with the necessary information needed that would issue a deposit to the bank account of the supplier….. and poof my alarm clock (actually the word count in wordpress) woke me up.


SIS – For better or for worse?

Strategic Information Systemsbachelor-of-science-in-computer-science-vs-informaiton-technology are information systems developed in response to corporate business initiative that helps organizations store, categorize, process and transfer the information they create and receive (definition by wikipedia). Companies create SIS to gain competitive advantage wherein they take advantage of opportunities from new and disruptive technology, staying ahead of traditional competitors. Now in a consumer’s perspective, I seriously don’ have any problem with SIS for I believe that it further raised the quality of competition. And competition brings out the best in products. These organizations develop and produce a product that is affordable (at times), unique and innovative. Strategic Information System changed the way business compete. Balancing effectiveness with efficiency that enables you to get your priorities right? Great! As long as these organizations and company stay within the boundaries of what is ethical and legal, they’re good to go. And as for those smaller and weaker companies, I believe that they took/take/will take SIS as a challenge to find ways on how to survive, compete,and even excel in the market. For it is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.

Traditional Commerce vs. E-commerce


With the availability and the accessibility of online web, it brought about many changes and one is the emergence of E-commerce. Unlike traditional commerce where there is human intervention, E-commerce can be done without direct interaction at all. As someone who has an online shop I can say that E-commerce has become a good fit for my business. Below are few of the reasons why :

  • As someone who isn’t financially capable YET to rent prime retail store and hire staffs to be able to sell my products, e-commerce has become my alternative since the only startup capital needed would be a computer, internet connection and my goods.

  • As a student, a big portion of my time is spent studying and attending classes but because of e-commerce I get to bring my business everywhere I go, even at school.

* I get to have a wider audience and do business 24/7.

But then, it doesn’t mean that I prefer online shopping than the traditional one. As a meticulous customer, I really like to touch and check the items I’m buying and even try them on (as for the case of clothes and shoes).

Does IT matter?

Computer Monitors Shaking HandsAs a child, I was really not interested with technology. But now that I am mature enough to understand and comprehend things, I couldn’t be more thankful for technology. Computer for me is one of the greatest, if not most remarkable invention made by man. Gone are the days when executing stuff would take time and a lot of effort. Now, with just a click of a button, documents can be transferred in different parts of the world in mere seconds, information can be immediately found, communication with long distance loved ones are enabled. With the emergence of computer and internet I can immediately go online shopping, research works are much easier and faster to be done (no more scanning through different books), and virtual hugs and kisses from me to my mom who works abroad is now possible. I have also forged and maintained many friendships and relationships online. Meanwhile in the telephone arena, my cellular phone had become a very effective alarm clock and planner where I occasionally update my schedule each day. To say that technology has greatly improved my life is an understatement. Without information technology I don’t think I would be anywhere as organized as I am now.

Awkward Moments

tumblr_m0jsdyyqoq1qhcxmmLife is full of awkward moments one should watch out for. Here are some of those awkward moments and how to get away with them:

1.) The awkward moment when you think someone is waving at you but they are actually waving at the person behind you.

How to get away with it: Start pretending like you’re doing stretchings.

2.) Telling a joke but then forgetting the punch line halfway through.

How to get away with it: Say “JOKE” HAHAHA

3.) Grabbing a pole on public transportation but then holding someone else’s hand.

How to get away with it: Pretend you’re blind.

4.) Typing out a text/email in a rush and sending it to the wrong person.

How to get away with it: Update a status on facebook saying “My sister has my phone”

5.) Facebook stalking someone and accidentally liking their profile picture from six years ago.

How to get away with it: Deactivate your Facebook account and activate it after a week or so.